Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Let's start with a story. A cell group in my church decided a straight forward, no drama bible reading program. Everyone in the cell group would read the same bible chapter everyday. Not the same chapter again and again, everyday, but the same chapter would be read by everyone. And on the next cell group meeting, everyone would have read the same seven consecutive bible chapter. Let's just hope its not Psalm 119.

Before we knew it, interesting things began to happen. People started understanding and analyzing the bible in a different way as each person offered their own petit narrative reading based on their experiences. Numerous new perspectives and outlooks were opened. The verses, scrutinized; novel questions asked; and revelations descended.

Soon after, the pastor began to implement the same reading program in every cell group and my group have chosen the First of Samuel.

In this blog you can find those inspiration that I found while reading the bible with my cell group, and maybe other random stuff. Thanks for reading.